What we Expect from You

We know you have high expectations from the tradesmen you invite to work for you, but there are a few points we would draw to your attention to:-

•We need access to the premises at the agreed time or ample notification of changes.
•Any agreed preparation of the work area by yourself or another contractor must be carried out prior to our arrival on site.
•Alterations to any quotation must be agreed before that part of the work commences.
•Prompt full payment upon receipt of our invoice unless terms agreed, in writing, in advance of work commencing, see also below.
•Any problems with our workmanship must be brought to my attention before work is completed.

By having regard for all of the above you will help us maintain the service levels both you and I desire and ensure that we are able carry out your work when agreed, for the price or prices quoted.

I must point out that our accounts department will implement the terms of the Late Payment Act 2013 and that if the payment terms stated in our quotation, to you, are not met we will issue a fixed charge along with daily interest charges as allowed under the terms of the Act.